Craftable comes with handy Installer which make the installation like a breeze. You can install Craftable either on existing project or easily create a new one.


Craftable requires:

  • PHP 7.4+
  • Supported databases:
    • MySQL 5.7+
    • PostgreSQL 9.5+
  • npm 5.3+
  • node 8.4+

Craftable uses Laravel so you should check out its requirements too. It is compatible with Laravel 8:

Craftable Installer

The easiest way of installing Craftable is using Craftable Installer, which takes care of everything. Let's install the Installer globally:

composer global require "brackets/craftable-installer"

New Craftable project

You can create a new Craftable project using:

craftable new my_project

and then follow the instructions in the following section.

Adding Craftable to an existing project

You may want to install Craftable to your existing Laravel application. Couldn't be easier.

In your project directory run:

craftable install

{info} By default, Craftable Installer will use Laravel Sail. Therefore, instead of php artisan you should use sail artisan, instead of npm install rather sail npm install, etc. If you don't want to use Laravel Sail use --no-sail flag. In this case, you must have correctly configured .env file and also have tools like composer, npm, php globally available on your system.

The install command is going to setup everything (install all dependencies, publish all important vendor configs, migrate the database, setup some configuration files, updates webpack configuration).

Command is going to generate and print the password for the default administrator account. Save this password to your clipboard, we are going to need it soon.

Manual installation

If you can't use or prefer not to use Craftable Installer you can install Craftable to existing project manually (if you want to crate a new project, create new Laravel project before).

In your Laravel project run following commands:

composer require brackets/craftable
composer require --dev brackets/admin-generator
# here, make sure .env variables are correctly configured
php artisan craftable:install
npm install && npm run dev


Once installed, navigate your browser to /admin/login. You should be able to see a login screen.

Use these credentials to log in:

  • E-mail:
  • Password: use password from you clipboard

After authorization you should be able to see a default homepage and two menu items:

  • Manage access
  • Translations

Admin homepage