Who we are?

We are BRACKETS - a software development company based in Bratislava, Slovakia. We primarily focus on creating mid-sized web-based solutions.

Our story to open-source

For several years we have been actively developing our own CMS. If you're like us, you probably know it very well. Few years ago, when Laravel became so popular we have made a decision - the next version of our CMS should be based on Laravel. And that's what we did. We have thrown away everything we had before and we started over. We have created a new version of our CMS - SimpleWEB 4.0.

In spring 2017 we have realised, that we need to upgrade it again. Refresh of Administration UI was inevitable. Integration of upcoming Laravel 5.5 was also part of the plan. At that moment we were very inspired by Spatie and their approach to the open-source community. That's why - for the first time in our history - we wanted to create a new version of our CMS as an open-source.

We have also realised, that in almost all our projects we keep adjusting this CMS to the needs of the project quite heavily. We were thinking Why do we need to develop so robust CMS to cover so many different use cases? After many brainstormings we came up with the idea, that what we really want is not another CMS system. What we really want is rather just a very slim administration toolkit - a starting point for further tailor-made development for a specific project.

That's how we came to the idea of Craftable - an administration starter kit for Laravel. Its core parts are:

  • Admin UI (an administration layout)
  • CRUD generator - to quickly scaffold new modules
  • Authentication mechanism - ability to log in to the admin interface
  • Translations manager
  • couple of other supporting packages (media, permissions, translatable eloquent models, etc.)

About our packages

We have created number of packages for Laravel 5. We have covered common use cases we are experiencing in our projects. You can use them separately as long as we have created them as a standalone packages. But they work best when combined together in parent brackets/craftable package.

We actively develop all the packages. We try to keep them up-to-date with the latest version of the Laravel 5.

We currently does not provide any support for these packages.